Are telecom companies spying on you by providing ‘free’ routers with fiber internet connections?

Are telecom companies spying on you by providing 'free' routers with fiber internet connections?

Your Privacy at Risk: All major internet service providers in India also provide routers to users. although they "free router" And "Facility" Let’s do this in the name of but the truth is that it is mandatory. Telecom companies do not allow users to take fiber connections unless they "free of cost" Don’t even agree to take the router. Although most users do not refuse this offer due to the free router, but is it right to do so.  

It seems that this issue has not been a matter of concern for most of the users, the reason being the availability of free routers. But some users who are conscious of their privacy are now becoming cautious about the issue.

Worryingly, routers are owned and managed by Internet Service Providers, who supply and manage these routers as well as the software inside them. These companies can track all internet traffic passing through the router. 

Telecom companies have made routers essential 
The concern is also related to the matter of choice and ability to own the gadget. It is not just that telecom companies supply their routers to fiber connection users, the bigger problem is that they insist on putting these routers in their home networks. If users want to buy and use their own router,  these big telecom companies often refuse to provide connection.

The issue Indian internet users can confirm, is that whenever Airtel, ACT and other internet service providers install fiber connections in the home, they insist that the user has to use the router supplied by the company.&nbsp ;

In the early days of fiber connections, about 6 to 7 years ago, Internet service providers used to provide two pieces of networking gear: an ONT (optical network terminal) that converted the fiber line into a regular Internet connection that could be used Could be done indoors. and a router that will connect to the ONT and provide WiFi as well as an internet link for the computer or laptop.

In this arrangement, users were allowed to use their own router, but the ONT was to be supplied by the Internet Service Provider. But in the later years, after a large business group company in India entered this field, things changed when this new company started insisting that the user should get a free router, whether he needs it or not. No.

In the US in 2020, regulators came with a rule that users will have a choice in the router when making a connection and cannot be forced to pay for a bundled router. Sadly, in India, without any regulatory mechanism and due to low awareness among users about the risks of Internet Service Provider supplied routers  currently no relief is available for broadband users.

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