Don’t have to worry after buying a 5G smartphone, so read this news

Don't have to worry after buying a 5G smartphone, so read this news

5G Smartphone Tips: 5G technology is in its early stages in India, so there is a need to be very careful while buying a new 5G smartphone, otherwise you may be a victim of fraud. Today we tell you what things should be kept in mind while buying a 5G smartphone.


  • 5G smartphones usually cost more than 4G phones.
  • Even to use 5G network, expensive recharge will be required.
  • Keep in mind that after the arrival of 5G, 4G phones are not going to stop completely.
  • Therefore, according to your need, decide to buy a 5G smartphone.

battery life

  • Buy a 5G smartphone with a bigger battery.
  • In 5G technology, more battery is consumed during data receiving.
  • A 5G smartphone has 3 additional antennae to receive the signal. In such a situation, there is a problem of overheating and discharging of the battery.

5 support processor

Processor is very important for any phone.

As far as 5G smartphones are concerned, customers should buy only smartphones with 5G processor support.

single band 5G phones

  • 5G is still in its early stages, due to which some companies are offering single band 5G smartphones. But it is not wise to buy them.
  • A smartphone with a single 5G band may get the same speed as 4G.
  • Buy a 5G smartphone that supports maximum 5G bands.

SUB-6GHz 5G Frequency

  • There is currently no 5G network in India.
  • Keep in mind that don’t buy a 5G smartphone with mmWave radio frequency.
  • Instead, it would be better to buy a smartphone with Sub-6Ghz 5G frequency support. More coverage area is available in these networks.
  • These are called mid-range bands, which will be fit for use in every respect.

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