Apple Watch saved the life of a young man, informed the ambulance after the accident

Apple Watch saved the life of a young man, informed the ambulance after the accident

Technology is expanding very fast all over the world. Technology makes the biggest work of a human being called very easily. But it is not heard so soon that technology should help in saving a person’s life. Similar has emerged from Singapore. Where Apple Watch has saved a human’s life. Actually in Singapore, a young man had an accident while riding his bike. The accident was so tremendous that the young man fainted there after the accident. There was no other person present at the place where this incident happened with the young man. At such a critical time, Apple Watch helped him and immediately became active and called an ambulance.

How did the young man’s accident happen?

A young man riding a bike collided with a van in Ang Mo Kio. The name of the bike rider is Muhammad Fitri. After the accident, the van rider left him there. The police is currently calling the incident a hit and run and is investigating the incident.

How Smart Watch Saved Lives

Fitri used to wear Apple’s smart watch. At the time of the accident, Apple’s smart watch detected a hard fall of the young man and immediately sent a message to the people involved in the emergency contact. Then the smart watch demanded an ambulance. Wanbao said passersby spoke to the girlfriend. Apple’s life saving function is very grateful. Had the Apple Watch not called on the spot, it would have died. Only after the message of Apple, the rescue team reached there and the life of the young man could be saved.

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